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Production Classes

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Production Classes

Learning from the best can only make you better. These masterclasses/workshops will provide you with the tools necessary to be the filmmaker you want to be. Honestly, learning about the art of filmmaking from Martin Scorsese himself? That’s too sweet a deal to pass up!

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Filmmaking in a Box: Indie Feature Film (On-Set Production)

Cost: $25

Filmmaking in a Box has tons of incredibly detailed behind-the-scenes interviews and footage covering every stage of the prep, production and post-production. You’ll get interviews and conversations with all key members of the production team: the director, the producers, the writer, the cinematographers, the editor, the production sound mixer, the post production sound designer, the assistant director and more!

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Filmmaking Secrets! Write a ZERO Budget Movie Master Course

Cost: $11.99

This brand new Udemy course shows you the secrets to write screenplays for feature films that can be produced for under $1000. Stop waiting for funding for your script and write one that you can film now! Join the other successful filmmakers that have adapted to the new changes in the movie industry.

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Guerilla Filmmaking with Ryan Connolly

Cost: $24

In this course, you’ll explore the step-by-step process of making a film from start to finish. You’ll learn how to script, storyboard, location scout, and cast films. Ryan will offer insights on how to best work with your crew to make your sets fun, collaborative, and professional places to be. Ryan will demonstrate the process of getting the light you want for the shots you’ll need, whether you’re working with DIY lighting structures, available light, or gels and diffusion. Since lighting and sound are equally essential to professional-level work, you’ll also explore both production and post-production audio skills, including integrating music and sound effects. You’ll build a post-production workflow for editing, adding visual effects, and more to ensure you’re getting the pro look every time.

Production Resources

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