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Analyze Your Drafts

Those of you who are experienced in film analysis may have asked the question: “Do most low-budget indie filmmakers conduct a thorough analysis of their screenplay before diving into pre-production?” The answer should be “yes!” or, at the very least, “they should.” Regretfully, there are far too many who choose to dive into the making of their first film after the first draft is complete, believing that their enthusiasm alone will make their picture worth watching.

You might think you nailed it on the first try, but the chances are... you didn't.

You may think I’m joking – but I’m not; as a person who owns and runs his own film production and distribution company, I can’t tell you how many first/rough drafts I have waiting for a response in my inbox – people who send me a rough draft of a screenplay, hoping to get it made on the merit that it was “written” or that it’s done. I can’t tell you how many friends I had to refuse after learning that the script they wanted me to direct was lacking and that they never took the time to edit it, polish it, and make it better. So, take a film analysis or film theory course, and if you don’t want to spend the money, you can find plenty of film analysis tools on the internet (YouTube is a haven for that kind of thing).

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