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Characters Are Defined By Their Choices

Many first-time screenwriters try to establish characters by giving them lots of dialogue, I’m actually guilty of that as well. While this might be convenient to do, true character is revealed when a character does something, not just when they say something. It is revealed by the choices they make, in how they handle external conflicts, the struggle between the character and an outside force. As well as their internal conflicts, which are the struggles between characters and self.

How does your character handle obstacles and challenges in the story? What kind of person are they? Do they steal? Use violence? Try to rationalize their way out of trouble? Do they hustle, scheme, blame themselves, other people? Do they turn to drink? Drugs? Runaway? Or face their problems head-on? Try giving your character a small challenge before your movie actually starts to see what route they take to meet it. Their choices will define them, making it easier for you to write dialogue for them and making them more interesting to watch. Also, keep in mind that your characters are your characters; they are created from your imagination, they carry your DNA, and they should evoke some strong emotion within you, much like a real person would.

Superman is defined by his undying dedication to

"Truth, Justice and The American Way"

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