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Create a Kickass Film Proposal

The purpose of a film proposal is to showcase the details of your project to potential investors and to convince serious producers to partner up with you and help you get your movie funded. Financiers want to see that you have your stuff together and, most importantly, they want a quick and effective introduction to your project without having to read through an entire business plan– this is where a film proposal comes into play.

A film proposal should ideally include your film synopsis, your biography (along with any awards you’ve won), the film’s logline/elevator pitch, a cast wish list, a list of your team (who have you assembled thus far? Any interest from actors, cinematographers, and other people attached to the project), a mood board (a visual representation of your film that showcases the potential look of the film), budget top-sheet, and wrap it up with a quick sales pitch and your directorial vision in a nutshell. This is where knowledge and experience in the Photoshop application can come in handy, check out my post on Photoshop here. I’ve seen my fair share of film proposals, and I can tell you that I only read the professional-looking ones. You can’t put a bunch of boring text on a white piece of paper via Microsoft Word and expect to wow anyone. If you invest the time and energy in creating a professional-looking film proposal, you’ll come off like a pro, which is exactly what you want. In the funding game, impression is everything.

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