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Distributing Your $0 Short Film

There are not too many outlets where you can profit from short films these days, and with your first $0 budget short film, that’s most likely not the reason you made it. The basic channels out there are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo. But there are other channels you can utilize to market and promote your short film (if you have no money for festivals, that is).

Some of them include Short of the Week; Film Shortage; Films Short; Fandor; Filmdoo; Viddsee; NoBudge; Whatashort; to name a few. You can also put it up on Amazon and either sell it there or offer it for free on Amazon Prime by going to

“Don’t just be seduced by the same old, same old. There are interesting things you can explore that may get your film out there to audiences better than the traditional distribution mechanisms.”
~ Alex Gibney

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