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Don't Wait to Get A Website

One of the first things you need to do in pre-production is to buy a domain name and create a website for your upcoming movie. I usually do this fairly early on in the pre-production process. It takes next to no time and in the off-chance, it's taken you'll spare yourself the frustration.

It costs less than $15 to register a domain name with a company like GoDaddy, and if you opt to use a website building service like Wix, it’ll run you an extra $14 a month to maintain it.

Alternatively, you can build a Wix website and keep it around for free, but you’ll need to be okay with having the Wix logo displayed at the bottom of your page. And of course, you can always opt to use WordPress, which costs nothing but isn't as beginner-friendly as Wix.

Wix makes it surprisingly easy to create and consistently update your website.

Building an official-looking website before announcing your upcoming film for the first time is important. You want to be able to direct people to an online hub where they can learn everything there is to know about your upcoming project, and that hub can be easily created via a paid web-building app like Wix, or a free web- builder like WordPress.

I built all of my websites on Wix, and they look pretty good. A great example of this is my website for my film Pickings.

Through this website, you can learn nearly everything and anything about the film. It’s encouraged that you add a newsletter registration option on the first page and include links to your film’s social media pages so that people can stay in touch and get updates on your progress.


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