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Make a Pledge

At the end of the day, the more you do something, the better you get at doing it, which is why you need to practice. I’m a big believer in the “just do it” strategy. Go out there, take an iPhone and an actor, and shoot something good, something entertaining, something that’s worth watching. Learn to write, direct, move the camera, edit, and color grade your pictures. Take the time to improve your craft, combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience to produce higher quality products with every new project you make.

There are people out there who are making it happen, and today almost anyone has access to a high-quality 4K camera. This is by far the most effective route if you choose to dedicate yourself to the craft and become a full-time filmmaker. Make a short film a month until you have the skills, connections, and confidence you need to proceed to the next step. Sign a pledge – it can be to make a no-budget short film per month, a feature a year, three hours of daily writing, an hour of learning, or whatever other commitment you’d like to make. The point is to commit, and once you commit to it, you have to make it happen. Just go out there and shoot, make movies, and repeat. Check out these directors who made their breakout movie with little-to-no budget.

A "pledge" can be a lot of things, but overall it's a promise to yourself for the future.

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