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Mastering Adobe Premiere

Whether you’re going to be working with an editor, or even if you go solo, understanding how to edit is something that should be high on your list of priorities.

This is exactly why in this week's posts we are going to touch on the importance, and the difference, between Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

The main difference is that Premier is what you need to create a movie from start to finish, but After Effects is how you can enhance your movie via VFX such as green screen compositing, color grading, keyframe animations, etc.

I handled all elements of post-production on every single one of my films, and while I did work with assistant editors when I had the budget, the ultimate power to edit the movie was mine. That’s a power that I think you should have. Considering the fact that an average editor charges anywhere from $100 to $400 a day, a two-week, two-pass-cut would run you anywhere from $1,400 to $5,600 (not including the trailer, promo clips, and others).

That's money that you could be spending somewhere else.

In addition, if you master the editing skill, you could generate revenue with it during off-time and while you’re in between projects. I also believe that if you master the craft of editing films, you’ll automatically become a better filmmaker. You will make decisions on set that correlate to editing choices, and your use of the camera will become more effective because you’ll have a solid idea of how you’re going to cut a shot with the next. You'll have a better understanding of cross-cutting, longcuts, and camera movements.

Editing is a skill that you must possess if you plan to become a successful DIY filmmaker in this day and age.

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