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My Two Cents on Script Doctors

Script doctors are an interesting phenomenon in my opinion. While it is clear that script doctoring can be a lifesaver, and many notable script doctors are doing amazing work in Hollywood, they are often far beyond the reach of low-budget, indie filmmakers. In reality, when low-budget indie filmmakers are on the lookout for script doctors, what they’ll get is someone who is not qualified in the slightest to give them any sort of advice about their script, not to mention the quality of their writing.

Many of them never wrote, revised, or sold a script, and in some cases – they have no interest in reading the materials you send them. In my opinion, most “affordable script doctors” are not worth the investment. If you are, however, on the lookout for a script doctor you can afford, I suggest you take a screenwriting class, and more often than not, other students and teachers at those classes would be willing to read your script and give you their honest opinion on its strengths and weaknesses.

Believe it or not, in all the lists of top Script Doctors is Carrie Fisher. She had a large influence on movies like Hook, The Wedding Singer, and Sister Act.

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