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PAs – Lifesavers Supreme

Production Assistants do everything that has to be done on a movie set, from getting coffee to making script copies, carrying C-Stands, holding flags, carrying equipment, driving, running errands, and helping cast, crew, or makeup when they need it. The great thing about PAs is, that in the low-budget indie world, they can be found for free, or very cheap, and the really good ones will stick around.

The PA's keeping us caffeinated was a lifesaver on long late-night shoots

They want to gain experience and are willing to put in the work to prove themselves. They also count on getting paid or being promoted when you call them back for another project, so try not to take advantage. The only problem that you should be aware of with enthusiastic PAs is that they don’t like saying “no,” especially if the director makes a request directly. So, be careful not to ask too much of your PAs because they could easily get worn out, and when PAs get super tired, that’s when mistakes are made. Give them the respect they deserve, don’t overwork them, feed them, and you’ll be fine!

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