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Plots Are Cool. Characters Are Cooler.

If you make a list of your all-time favorite movies, I’m pretty sure that it will align with a list of your all-time favorite characters. Stories are driven by characters, not plots. Take the most boring character in the world and try to impose upon him the plotline of Neo in The Matrix and the movie wouldn't be half as good. Alternatively, take Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy and throw him into the plot of Fifty Shades of Grey, and the movie would be a blast to watch. Characters are what make a movie tick; they are the fuel that drives the story – not the other way around. Focus your energies on writing characters.

A good place to start would be to make a list of your all-time favorite characters; what is it about these characters that you find so appealing? What are the specific traits that make them interesting? And how did the filmmakers get you to empathize with these characters? I often dig into film analysis when I find myself attracted to a particular character; I try to study the reason within myself for liking, admiring, or being fascinated with a character.

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