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Short Tip: Actors, a Writer’s Best Friend

If you have no actor friends, do whatever you can to find some, then add them to your group of collaborators and start sharing your work with them; make friends with them and surround yourself with them. I can promise you one thing – they are on the lookout for you just as much as you are on the lookout for them.

My advice to you is to take some acting classes or attend an indie theater and hand out business cards that say “filmmaker, screenwriter, or director.” Believe me – you’ll be the most popular kid in school. Listening to an actor reading your lines out loud is the only way you can really know how good or bad your dialogue is, how clear your stage directions are, and what your movie will actually feel like when an actor plays the role you wrote for them.

Another great benefit to having actor friends is that you get to write parts for specific people, which will make the quality of your work all the better. It will appear as though you are “getting more” out of your actors, because you wrote the part specifically with them in mind.


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