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The Benefits of Writing Outside

Unless you live alone and have the discipline to tune out the distracting elements of your day-to-day living, I recommend you try this approach to writing. It’s great to write at home when you can, but I found it helpful to experience my “writing focus” in various locations for inspiration. A few times a week, I’ll head outside to write in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, in the park, on the river, wherever I can turn an iPad on, really.

I plug my headphones in and get to work; it’s very therapeutic. It doesn’t just “force you” to write for a prolonged period of time consecutively, but it is a known fact that merely being outside can induce creativity and help you think clearer. I have a pretty sweet setup with an iPad and a $20 keyboard case from Amazon; I just take that thing with me and can write anywhere, on any surface, at any time.

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