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The Filmmaker DIY Strategy

This website was created with the low-budget, indie filmmaker in mind – and if you are one, you are most likely an expert in one or more fields of filmmaking. This is key if you're going to make a movie on a non-existing budget and with a minimal crew, but even the most prolific DIY filmmakers can’t master every element of filmmaking on their own and will need to hire outside help to have their movie made.

However, your job, before you ever step foot on set, is to be prepared.

You need to know how to write, produce, direct, edit, and release a movie if you’re going to be a true DIY filmmaker. This knowledge will only serve you in the long run, and as you go on to make bigger and better films it’ll be the confidence builder that helps you through a lot of hurdles and gives you the technical know-how you need to finish your movie under any and every circumstance.

If you can master several elements of DIY filmmaking, you’ll save thousands of dollars on pre-production, post-production, and everything in between. Having the right knowledge in this game will mean the difference between winning and losing.

So... take some time to study the craft of screenwriting, film directing, producing, and the many programs required to complete a film's post production phase (edit, sound, color grading, VFX, animation, etc.)

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