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Understanding Your Funding Strategy

Before you start breaking down your script and build a budget – you need to know what kind of movie you are making and how you plan to fund it. And in this department, there are really only two possible choices: one is to make a movie that you can afford, and the other is to make a movie you can’t afford.

Not everyone can pay for their dream movie, in fact, very few can!

If you decided to write a movie that you can shoot tomorrow, then allow me to congratulate you – you are officially in pre-production.

However, if you’ve written a movie that you cannot afford, then you need to decide what your funding strategy is going to be. Meaning, how are you going to fund it? Bank loans? Donations from friends and family? Crowdfunding? Private investors? Or are you taking the Executive Producer route? Etc. We'll cover funding shortly.

No one will tell Juno that she can't follow her dreams!


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