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What’s Your Dream?

There are many ways to define “success” in this business. For some, it’s money, fame, and recognition, and the more of it they have, the more successful they feel. For others, it’s the ability to make movies for a living, to generate enough income from their films that they can live off it, and use the revenue to make more films until they eventually die on set. For others, it’s legacy – the thing they leave behind for future generations. For some, it’s art, while for others it’s just a business.

Different people define it differently, and I’m sure you’ll agree that none of those people are “wrong.” There is no right or wrong when it comes to your own definition of success, but it is very important that you have one. Without knowing what constitutes success and aiming your efforts to achieve it, you could end up getting discouraged, even if you are closer to your goal than you realize. So, let me give you your first piece of “homework.” I want you to write your purpose down on a piece of paper; write down your “dream,” and be specific. Is it money in the bank? The ability to work alongside your favorite actors? Or it is that golden statue in your living room? Whatever your purpose in this business is, whatever your ultimate goal is, you should be conscious of it and take daily action towards achieving it.

"People overcoming the odds is actually a really important part of humanity, and I don't think we kind of get to celebrate that as much as we should." ~ Taika Waititi

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