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Working for Free

Before you make the jump into making feature films, I highly recommend you lend yourself as a helping hand on a legitimate movie set. Go online and search for film shoots looking for PAs, interns, and assistants. Offer your services at no charge and make it your goal to spend a decent number of hours on a set before going into production on your own movie.

“What Joe and I love about the film industry, is it’s like the Wild West. We’re two guys who grew up a million miles away from the film business; it doesn’t matter where you come from or where you go to school. All that matters is, can you find a way to practice the craft and express yourself in a way that people respond to.” ~ Anthony Russo

This experience will truly teach you how to handle yourself on a movie set. Watching another director work with actors can also be a valuable insight into the effectiveness of their methods or even the ineffectiveness of their methods.

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