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Write Some Shorts

Almost every person living in the free world today has access to a camera, whether it’s your iPhone, Galaxy, or your dad’s crummy home-video camera. So, if it’s your goal to write, direct, and produce a feature film – you’ll need to make a couple of short ones first. Sit down and write a script you can afford to film tomorrow – don’t worry about distribution or who might see it, or what people are going to think about it, just write it! Writing, directing, and producing a short film will prepare you for the real thing, it is the finest filmmaking masterclass in existence, and the teacher is God himself.

Ultimately, it is the only way to get real-world experience and become a legitimate filmmaker. It is the only way of getting intimate with the process. No book will ever teach you what a short film could that’s the bottom line. The more movies you make, the better you become at making movies, and a short film is a mini-movie, isn’t it? So, why wait? Who’s stopping you? Make a commitment right now to write, direct, and produce your first short film before the end of the month. Also, while you’re at it, try signing up for weekend filmmaking challenges, they're free, and they’re amazing!

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