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Screenwriting Groups


Screenwriting Groups

Screenwriting groups are a great way to network with other screenwriters in a more casual setting than a class. They allow you to collaborate and talk about the projects you are developing without the watchful eye of a professor or the financial burden of a paid workshop. Listed below are a few screenwriting groups both online and around the world that we found to be useful.

Screenwriters and Filmmakers Group

Location: Online (Facebook)

This group was made to serve as a community for low and no budget screenwriters and filmmakers to talk about and share news and information relative to filmmaking. Members are free to share their works in progress on any writing, filmmaking, or acting project. If members have a blog or site relative to a film project they’d like to post, they are welcome to. This is a great place to network.


Screenwriters Networking Group

Location: Online (Facebook)

A group for screenwriters to network and discuss the craft and business of screenwriting. Members derive from all areas of the business with credits that include webisode, cable, television, and film. They encourage members to contribute to the topics posted each week and to promote projects in which members are actively attached.


Women Screenwriters Workshop

Location: Los Angeles, California

A community of film and television screenwriters providing support and feedback for writers who identify as female. From outline to final act, they workshop scripts with an emphasis on strong female narratives and the goal of submitting the projects to labs, contests, and festivals throughout the year.


Screenwriting Tribe

Location: Santa Monica, California

Screenwriting Tribe is a donation-only workshop consisting of screenwriters and actors helping writers to polish their scripts. They workshop feature film, short film, episodic series, anthology series, limited/mini-series and serial series scripts. They also workshop single-cam (non-audience) sit-com scripts (such as Modern Family, Black-ish, Jane the Virgin).  The Screenwriting Tribe workshop is held Sundays from 6 to 8 p.m. in Santa Monica.


Screenwriters in Paris

Location: Paris, France

This is a group for screenwriters looking for mutual feedback on scripts-in-development. Focus will be on structure, theme, pacing, stakes, convincing dialogue and "The Pitch".


Chicago Screenwriting Meetup

Location: Chicago, Illinois

This is a meetup group focused on screenwriting for stage and screen, and the production process as well. No experience is required, just openness to ideas, commitment and collaboration. Have an idea for a script? Bring it along! Support and teamwork play a part in any project. They meet at local Northside spots to talk about goals, offer support in the process, have fun, and help see projects to fruition.


The Boston Screenwriters Group

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

The Boston Screenwriters Group founded by Deborah Shariff, is an opportunity for serious writers to come together once a month for review and critique of screenplays. Each member will have an opportunity to sign up each month for their screenplay to be reviewed. In addition, they will also have scenes acted out by professional actors.


NYC Screenwriters Collective

Location: New York

The NYC Screenwriters Collective is a not for profit screenwriting workshop that teaches the craft of writing for film and television, offers free script coverage, networking, and engages in discourse on the business of screenwriting, film, and television. They are a community of New York City screenwriters engaged in a specialized script development process to enrich each member's scripts and propel them into the business of writing for film and television. The NYC Screenwriters collective reviews feature length screenplays and teleplays written by members and produced screenwriters of acclaimed film and television.


NYC Screenwriter

Location: New York

This is a thriving membership with a diverse group of writers, of all abilities, who meet to fine-tune craft, share war stories, professional triumphs, network and develop contacts in the professional NYC Screenwriter community. And of course, to have a blast! There is never a fee for membership.


London Screenwriting Meetup

Location: London, UK

Active screenwriters who gather to read and critique each other's work, exchange advice, motivate each other and make lasting connections. Members are serious about their writing, open to constructive criticism and willing to provide insight to their fellow writers.

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