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Screenwriting Podcasts


Screenwriting Podcasts

Who doesn’t love a good podcast? Screenwriting podcasts are an excellent way to pass the time all while listening to fellow screenwriters muse about the screenwriting craft and the business surrounding it. The podcasts listed below also include insight from elite screenwriters/directors on how they approach the process of making a screenplay.

3rd & Fairfax: The WGAW Podcast

with Steve Trautmann, Aaron Fullerton, and Brian Gary

This is the official screenwriting podcast of the Writers’ Guild of America West. Steve Trautmann, Aaron Fullerton and Brian Gary interview esteemed members of the film world. They dive into what the creative process looks like and the concept of what it takes to create a successful screenplay. They also give up-to-date information about the Guild itself.

Draft Zero w/ Chas Fisher and Stu Willis

Hosted by two emerging screenwriters- Chas Fisher and Stuart Willis, this podcast is an intriguing listen. Longer than the average podcast, Fisher and Willis dive into specific discussions about the craft. From plot versus character driven movies to the importance of a great first act, this is a podcast that you shouldn’t miss out on.

On the Page w/ Pilar Alessandra

Pilar Alessandra is a professional script consultant who prides herself on debunking any screenwriting mysteries. She brings in a guest from all areas of the film world and opens a dialogue for any questions that listeners may have. This is a podcast that is worth subscribing to!


On Story w/ Austin Film Festival

This podcast is recorded live from the Austin Film festival. With guests like Natalie Portman, Jude Law, and Kenneth Lonergan, this provides some brilliant insight on the process of screenwriting and the difficulty of bringing a film to life. Each podcast runs for about 30 minutes so it’s great to listen to when on the go!

The Q&A w/ Jeff Goldsmith

Hosted by esteemed journalists Jeff Goldsmith, this podcast runs in a Q&A format. Jeff Goldsmith sits down with directors, actors, screenwriters, etc. and asks them questions about how they got the film made, from inception to distribution. It’s a personal favorite, just listen to the Paul Schrader episode if you don’t believe me.

Sam & Jim Go to Hollywood w/ Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn

This podcast is no longer in business, but the episodes that are still available are worth lending an ear to! Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn share their personal tales about packing up their life in the restaurant industry and moving to LA in hopes to make it as a screenwriter. Each episode lasts around 30-40 minutes and are so funny, you’ll find yourself struggling for breath between laughs!

Scriptnotes w/ John August & Craig Mazin

Professional screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin cover all areas of screenwriting in this brilliant podcast! From work-for-hire to the constant changes in copywriting laws, this is a tailor-made podcast for any up and coming screenwriters. There are a few episodes that are free for download but in order to access the back catalogue there is a $1.99 fee.

The Treatment w/ Elvis Mitchell

With a cool guy like Elvis Mitchell, it comes as no surprise that he brings in equally cool guests to his podcast every week. You know if you’re able to have Joaquin Phoenix on your podcast that you’ve got it made! While this podcast doesn’t focus primarily on screenwriting, it does provide a lot of insight in the film community.

Write On w/ Final Draft

Produced by Final Draft, this podcast focuses on the art of writing. From the formulation of an idea to sustaining a career in the industry, this podcast is your best friend if you’re a screenwriter. The podcast also provides listeners with interviews with Final Draft’s Big Break Contest winners.

The Writers Panel w/ Ben Blacker

TV writer and producer of the Nerdist Writers Panel, Ben Blacker hosts this entertaining podcast. This is a podcast that isn’t centered on screenplay writing itself, rather it highlights the creativity of writing for TV. Every week he switches between delivering discussions from the Writers Panel to interviewing writers, producers, and showrunners in studio.

How I Wrote That w/ Khanisha Foster

If you’re a woman in the screenwriting industry, you are definitely in the minority. However, Khanisha Foster’s podcast will make you feel heard and understood. Every week she brings in well-known and renowned women writers and has them share their experiences making and breaking into the entertainment industry. She is the go-to woman when it comes to navigating your way through the industry


Beyond the Screenplay w/ Michael Tucker

“Lessons from the Screenplay” creator Michael Tucker use this podcast to dive deeper into the art of storytelling. Each podcast focuses on a specific film, from “Good Will Hunting” to “The Silence of the Lambs”, and chats with the creatives behind those films. It’s a good listen if you’re interested in the specifics of why your favorite film resonates with you so much.


Not Just a Movie w/ Timmie and Mike

If you’re a horror movie lover, then this is the podcast for you! Timmie and Mike discuss their favorite horror classics and the writing behind those key scary moments in a film. They do tend to get off track every once in awhile but they’re comedy is so fun to listen to that you don’t even mind. They also have this fun bit where they try to see how well they know their movie murderers—a must listen!


Curious About Screenwriting Network w/ Felicity Wren and Max Timm

A brilliant podcast that deals with the specifics when it comes to writing a script. From loglines character development, Felicity Wren and Max Timm have all of your questions covered. They also interview several screenwriters and ask them questions about their own respective process. Beware: there do tend to be a lot of advertisements, which is why their podcasts run for about an hour each episode.


ScriptBlast w/ Hudson Phillips

Hudson Phillips provides some original information when it comes to productivity in the screenwriting process. From goal-setting to work/life balance, this is a great podcast to listen to if you’re a screenwriter who is trying to not only write a better screenplay, but to also incorporate it into your life in a healthy way. There is a lot of great insight with the screenwriters that Hudson Phillips brings, both new and old.


Bulletproof Screenplays w/ Alex Ferrari

This is a podcast that is straight to the point, no fluff when it comes to making your screenplay “bulletproof”. It’s a very consistent podcast that brings up some interesting points. I found the “Toxic Screenwriter” episode to be quite interesting and found myself agreeing with many of the arguments that he made. He brings in guests from all parts of the industry. From story consultants to authors to screenwriters, there is never a dull moment on this podcast.

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