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Screenwriting Workshops


Screenwriting Workshops

Screenwriting workshops are designed to help screenwriters get a fresh perspective on their screenplay as well as allow them to be in an environment where critiquing each other’s work isn’t so scary. They are a tool used to flesh out any ideas, new or old, all while having the comfort of being surrounded by their fellow peers. Here are some of our favorite screenwriting workshops, online and in person.

Gotham Workshops: Writing Scripts 101

Length: 6 Weeks

Location: Online or in New York

Cost: $309 (Online), $325 (NYC)

Gotham Writers Workshop is a creative home in New York City and Online where writers develop their craft and come together in the spirit of discovery and fellowship. Here students will gain an introduction to writing for movies, TV, and plays, and also learn techniques fundamental to all forms of dramatic writing. It’s a sampler platter, with no pressure to work on a specific project or settle on which type of dramatic writing is preferred.

Gotham Workshops: Screenwriting

Length: 10 weeks

Location: Online or in New York

Cost: $409 (Online) or $435 (NYC)

A movie isn’t great unless it starts with a great blueprint—the screenplay. Here students will learn about the craft of dramatic writing, how to write for the screen, and how to market their work. Whether it’s about how to write shorts or features, Hollywood glamour or indie grit, Gotham Workshops will show you how to write screenplays that light up the screen.

Screenwriting Basics Workshop w/ Marc Weinberg

Length: 10 Weeks (May 20- July,2018)

Location: Online

Cost: $1,200

Provided by Emerson College, the focus of this screenwriting workshop will be the basics: story, structure, character development, and dialogue. The student will analyze films and learn proper screenplay format. By the semester's end, the student will have a first act, as well as an outline so they have the necessary tools to complete their feature screenplay.

Tisch Online High School Filmmakers Workshop

Length: June 3-June 28,2019

Location: Online

Cost: $6,500

For the first time, aspiring young filmmakers anywhere in the world can experience the best of The Kanbar Institute of Film and Television degree program, through NYU’s innovative platform specifically designed for collaborative online film education. High school students will work together online with other emerging artists to create and upload skill-building projects, inspired by daily exclusive video lectures. They’ll connect for one-on-one video meetings with Tisch instructors to get valuable feedback. Over four weeks, they’ll develop writing, directing, shooting, and editing skills to produce a variety of short films — all while taking part in a new form of creative community that is the next wave of film education.

UMBC Training Centers Introduction to Screenwriting

Length: 6 weeks

Location: Online

Cost: $120

Whether the student wants to write micro-budget indie films or Hollywood blockbusters, this course will teach them everything they need to know to create a script that can sell. The student will start with the fundamentals of stories—why audiences need them, what they expect from them, and what kinds of stories work time after time. Then they will learn how to write their own. Student’s will see how to come up with an idea, how to develop that tiny spark into a story, and finally how to structure it into a screenplay.

Write Your Screenplay Weekend Intensive w/ Jacob Krueger

Length: 4 Weeks

Location: Online or in New York

Cost: $375 (payment plan option)

Award Winning Screenwriter and Studio Founder Jacob Krueger’s screenwriting workshop is the foundation of everything that is taught at the Jacob Kruger studio. Learn 7 Act Structure, an organic approach to building your script, and a whole new way of thinking about screenwriting. Includes one on one consultation.

Writing for the Screen w/ Charlie Schulman

Length: Summer I: May 28-July 7, 2019

             Summer II: July 8-August 18,2019

Location: Online

Cost: $2,031

A non-credit summer course by Tisch, participants will examine the principles and processes of writing for the screen. Topics include finding and developing story ideas, film language and script structure. By the end of the course, students will have participated in in-depth film analysis and intensive screenwriting exercises and discussions. At the end of the course, students are expected to complete a film treatment (prose description of their film) with a step outline for a feature film or TV episode they plan to write. In addition, they must hand in the first scene (3-5 pages) of their script with dialogue.

The Writing Lab w/ Audrey Sussman

Length: Per session basis (meets every Saturday 12-6pm)

Location: Online or in New York

Cost: $350/month (12 session commitment) or $450/month (6 session commitment)

The Writing Lab is an experimental workshop dedicated to only one thing: the development of your voice as a writer. Using cutting edge writing exercises drawn from hypnosis, psychology, meditation, entrepreneurial theory, tarot, acting, improv and many other diverse fields, you’ll open new doorways to getting your unique voice on the page. Designed for writers of all genres, including screenwriters, tv writers, playwrights, novelists, memoirists & short story writers.

Screenwriting Fundamentals w/ Jill Chamberlain

Length: 5 weeks

Location: Austin, Texas

Cost: $310

Delve into the craft of script writing with Jill Chamberlain and a tight-knit group of fellow writers. In five weeks, students will learn everything they need to know to get started. Each week there is a focus on understanding a different area of the screenwriting craft, from dialogue to character development. It will cover the basic fundamentals of outlining and creating a screenplay.

New York Film Academy Hands-on Intensive Screenwriting CourseLength: 8 weeks

Location: Los Angeles and New York

Cost: $3,647

The New York Film Academy has distilled the essential elements from the world's best screenwriting programs to create a super-intensive screenwriting workshop. It is designed for individuals with little or no screenwriting experience who are ready, willing, and able to work and learn within a fast-paced, high pressure, focused environment. The intensive Eight-Week daytime course meets Monday through Friday for classes and writing labs.

Weekend Intensive Beat Sheet Screenwriting Workshop

Length: One Weekend

Location: Los Angeles or New York

Cost: $595

The Weekend Intensive Beat Sheet Screenwriting Workshop is like no other class for screenwriters. It goes far beyond simply teaching the Save the Cat! story structure principles to provide the student with a hands-on approach that applies those principles to their next screenplay. With this approach, the student will walk in on Saturday morning with an idea for a film, and leave on Sunday evening with a title, logline, and the 15 key beats that will become the backbone of the screenplay. Because the class is limited to eight writers, the student will experience personalized interactive training each step of the way — from Fade In to Final Image.

The Barrow Group Acting School: Screenwriting I: Introduction

Length: 10 weeks

Location: New York

Cost: $495

This workshop is for those who have always wanted to write for the screen but had no idea where and how to start. Through weekly writing, reading and viewing assignments, students will learn about screenplay structure, character development, dialogue, log lines and treatment writing. The final project will be an original, self-contained, short screenplay (12 – 25 pages) which students will write and revise during the final third of the 10-week session.

NY Screenwriters Co-Op

Length: Per meeting basis

Cost: Free

Location: New York

A group for TV and Film writers in the NYC area. The goals of the group: 1. Perfecting the craft by reading and critiquing each other’s work. 2. Networking and socializing. You must have joined and attended several meetings to submit your completed feature or TV pilot script for the critique queue.

New York Screenwriter’s Lab: TV Pilot Workshop

Length: 10 weeks

Location: New York

Cost: $650

In the NYSL TV Pilot workshop, students will take their idea for an original TV series and build it, step-by-step, into a completed script. Along the way students will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the principles of dramatic/comedic structure and tools of the craft so they will leave the program fully equipped for wherever their writing road may lead.

The Nuts and Bolts of Screenwriting w/ Imelda O’Reilly

Length: 6 weeks

Location: New York

Cost: $325

This workshop is ideal for actors, writers or anyone who wants to start or continue to develop their writing techniques. Material covered will include choosing the right idea for the format, how to take a cliché idea and make it original and obtain tools and formulas to help develop the craft of screenwriting. It’s a step in the right direction to creating a fantastic screenplay.

Screenwriting Resources

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