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The No Budget Film School

One of the greatest weaknesses of first-time, low-budget indie filmmakers also happens to be one of their biggest strengths –enthusiasm. That enthusiasm is hunger. It’s motivation, it’s energy, it’s the desire “to do,” the desire to tell stories, to entertain people, make them laugh, think, cry, and “feel.” And if you are reading this book, you’re probably overwhelmed by that desire. It has infiltrated your very being and has occupied your mind for a very long time.

That enthusiasm makes you want to jump out into the world and make your first feature film tomorrow! And that's great! However, that very same passion can hurt you, let you down, and ultimately lead to disappointment if not managed and filtered properly. Just because you have everything you need to make a feature film tomorrow, that doesn’t mean you need to start working without preparation, especially if you’ve never made a movie before. All you need to do is follow the path which every filmmaker should take on their way to their first feature. And that is the no-budget real-world film school – making a movie (short or feature) for no money.

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