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The Shower Principle

Have you ever wondered why the best ideas tend to come to you when you're in the shower? Don't worry it's not just you, a lot of successful people say they get their best ideas in the shower. In fact, supermodel Heidi Klum has said she showers with a notepad specifically to write these ideas down before she forgets.

Have you ever wondered why it is that when you’re a young child, your imagination is much more active than when you're an adult? Well, the reason is quite simple: distractions or the lack thereof.

When your mind is focused on an activity and when you are actively doing work that requires focus, your mind is focused on the job at hand, but when you do nothing, the brain allows itself to get distracted, wander off, and daydream. That’s why kids are so much better at daydreaming than adults; they can take the time required to play and use their imagination.

As adults, we have access to that precious time every once in a while: in the shower, when we play golf, out for a morning walk, stuck in traffic, and when we spend time doing tasks that don’t require our brain to overwork. Sometimes that includes cleaning, doing dishes, etc.

I know it might come as a surprise, but studies have shown that daydreaming helps increase your creativity. Just look at this article on the positive effects of daydreaming.

So when you lack the inspiration, put on your headphones and go out for a 10-minute walk. The purpose of this is to think actively about what it is you’re currently writing (a scene, character, logline, etc.), then go back home and meditate, take a long shower, or just chill for a few minutes.

Give yourself some time to play around in your mind, act out a scene, or visualize a sequence without pressure or restraints. This is what I do sometimes when I need inspiration, and it works for me! I hope it does the same for you.


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